Friday, January 15, 2010

For BB & KO

You all are awesome to think of TE!

Frog #2 is just as big of a hit as Frog #1. When TE goes to bed he now asks for "frog, frog, eh-fan". Translation: First frog, second frog, elephant. I don't know how many stuffed 'buddies' are in his crib at night - but those three are a must have.

We recorded him opening the goodies so you all could see his reaction. I'll confess now - we received your package when TE was at school. I selfishly unwrapped his gift - and really didn't even think twice about it - to see what it was. The precedent of me opening his gifts was set during Christmas. He liked to watch me unwrap the booty while he oohhed & ahhhhed. So, it was out of habit....really:)

Anyway, I re-wrapped the gift (guess it finally dawned on me that TE might like to try a little unwrapping himself), so that explains what happened to the blue paper & ribbon.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

This is just a test...

After a long, dry spell, TE is back at 24 frames per second. Below is our test video. I would have included the portion where he makes all of the animal noises he knows (very cute), but he had his hand in his crotch the entire time.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Pajoutfit (PUH-jowt-fit)

A Poem on Unidentifiable Clothing
by Thomas Eilers Copeland

Am I wearing an outfit
Or pajamas?

Nobody knows,
Not even my Mama.

She hadn't done laundry and was running amok
And then found this in my closet, 
Talk about sheer luck!

Then off to Candice's we hastily sped,
And when Mommy dropped me off she thought
"Is he dressed for bed?"

Nobody is quite sure, 
And nobody knows,
But I think these things may be my bed clothes. 

So at the end of the day, in my back yard I happily sit,
Knowing that Mom invented the very first ever....

Monday, May 18, 2009

Year End, Part 2...and then some

Here's the Reader's Digest Rundown of how 2008 ended for the Copelands south....

I went to Academy for 20 whole minutes to finish up some last-minute Christmas shopping.  Here's what my sweet little angel's face looked like when I left:

And here's what it looked like when I got back:

According to Dad, TE had an altercation with the rubbermaid container that held our wrapping paper.  I ALMOST used this image for our Christmas card, but TR didn't think that was funny.  I didn't think it was funny that our little guy lost the battle with the wrapping paper container, so I guess we're even.

We had THREE Christmas'.  One with the Copelands, one with the Schierlohs and one at home in Austin with just the three of us.  TE is not allowed to receive another toy until he's 13.  Here are some of my favorite pix of all the holiday fun:  

TE's first birthday was a bust since he started to get sick on Christmas Day, and he wasn't in the mood to par-tay on the 27th.  Sadly, I imagined taking a picture of our smiling son, sitting in his high chair with a big cupcake on the tray that had one burning candle in it to mark the day.  What I got was a snotty, cranky baby who was just miserable for 10 solid days.  Blech!

In January of 2009, TE had his first haircut.  I was enjoying his curly locks, but they got a little bit out of control.  Here's his bushbaby look:

These were taken post-nap so you would have the full effect.

After 20 minutes at Cool Cuts 4 Kids (conveniently located in Toys R Us) his stylist Colleen turned him into a little gentleman.   

In case you can't tell, she even used product on his hair.  How fancy! 

Mom & Dad S have the honor of being the bearers of his locks from haircut #1. You know me, keeping miscellaneous body parts around the house isn't really my thing.  Honestly, I think it's a little gross.  When TE's belly button nub fell off I felt obligated to keep it.  Bear in mind that my hormones were still out of whack at that time, so I obviously wasn't thinking very clearly.  I'm not quite sure where it is, but I shudder to think that I may come across it again some day.

Since January TE has had one other haircut at Great Clips.  It was $9, and I'm still surprised that neither TE nor I had an eye poked out during the process.  It wasn't because the guy was incompetent, but he certainly didn't have the benefit of a TV playing an Elmo video & cool ride for TE to sit in during the process.  Instead, he had a screaming crying baby squirming around on his mother's lap.  

We celebrated TE's Baptism Day in February with family, friends & Godparents.  We captured most of the event on video, but the highlight was TE stuffing an entire cupcake in his mouth in record time.  He's a classy guy.  I'll have to say that all of TE's grandparents did an excellent job of obeying my "No More Toys Until 13" mandate.

However, TE did manage to sneak away with a library & spring wardrobe:)

I rock!  I knocked out this post while simultaneously avoiding dealing with the mountain of paperwork in the office.  (Insert stadium-size crowd cheering here).

The next post will be current.  Catching up is nice, but talking about TE in the present is more fun.  He's walking (albeit like a drunk), he started saying "Mommy" just in time for Mother's Day, he loves going to the park and playing in our yard, and he's FULL of rambunctious energy.  He's turning into a little boy and we love it!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Year End, Part 1

I know it's been quite a while since I've posted any TE updates, and the fans have been here's Part 1 of our year end update (best as I can remember).

This picture reminds me that Nana, Addy and Tanta came to visit in November. The excuse was to see TR for his birthday, but I think this images tells a different story.    

We made it through the Thanksgiving holiday without ANYONE getting sick.  Too bad we can't say the same for Christmas (oops, a spoiler).  TE loved every bite of the two thanksgiving dinners we had.  We started at O'ma & O'pa's (in pix below), and ended up at Uncle Scot & Aunt Maggie's (NOT in pix below b/c they are on my computer at work.  Lame, I know).  Let it suffice to say TE looked pretty much the same at both dinners - hungry.

Here he is, all dressed and ready for someone to pass Buffy (long story, but that's what we call the bird @ the Schierloh household).

This is TE saying a prayer of thanks.  

Or was it a prayer that O'ma would break out one of his Christmas presents a little early?  Hmmmm.

Yes, his grandparents no longer have will power when it comes to saving gifts for Christmas.  O'ma's excuse for busting out this 'little' toy was something like this... "well, he just doesn't have anything to play with while he's here".  Never mind the toy box in the den, or the drawer full of  surprises (AKA toys) in Uncle Michael's old room.  Or all of the rooms to explore, curtains to pull, and chairs to lick.

Keep in mind, this toy now lives in our living room.  So much for the 'something to play with at O'ma & O'pa's house' idea.  

Coming soon:
  • What happens when Mommy runs a 20-minute errand & leaves Dad in charge
  • Christmas x 3
  • Bush patrol
  • B-day bash

Monday, November 3, 2008

Just some pictures

In late September we took a trip to Dallas to see Papa Doc & Mary.  The highlights were that we got to see a LOT of family, TE had a stomach virus (which led to many wardrobe changes), and he slept for an entire 3 hours Saturday night.  

This is our version of "Where's Waldo", except that you should be looking for Mason & Thomas.  Here's a hint: TE is busy spreading his viral cooties on Mason's toys. 

Ahhh, Late Afternoon, Day 1 of the trip.  Total nap time: Zero hours, minutes or seconds.  Even with baggy eyes he's still cute though. 

Papa Doc, Addy, TR and TE (minus cute outfit that he arrived in).

Papa Doc, Nana, TR, TE and TE's belly.  It's hard to tell, but his Nana is pretty happy to be with him.  In case you're wondering why everyone is looking in different directions, it's because there are about 15 people taking pictures.  It's a Copeland tradition to take at least 100 pictures/hour.  

Papa diagnosed TE with Flintstone-atitis in both feet.

Uncle Scot, Papa Doc, TR, Mason, Tyson and TE.  Talk about a wild bunch.

This is just a random blurry picture in the bunch.  TE's expression is great.  Somebody must have said "Wubba wubba".  For some reason he laughs when we say that to him.  It must mean something in babyese.

The long ride home from Dallas.  TE is tired of the paparazzi (see Copeland Tradition above).  You can see all of the bags under his eyes.  Even though nobody got any sleep on Saturday night, we all slept like rocks on Sunday. 
Another random bath-time picture in his new tub.  It was working fine for everyone until he started standing.  Now it's practically impossible to keep him in the water.  Every piece of baby gear we have has a ridiculous harness system.  However, the bathtub that is wet, soapy and incredibly slippery, seems to have slipped through the harness installation department.  On the bright side, my arms get a great workout every bath night.  Trying to hold on to a soapy wiggly creature isn't easy. 

No, we haven't started baby proofing yet.

Friday, October 31, 2008